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3 Thresholds of Protection for your Security

We understand that there is more than one type of protective enhancement that may be necessary, and we can adapt our patented modular components to ensure the right solution for any entrance or interior space is met. Our three-zone systems approach can be adopted and customized in all market segments.

1. PRIMARY THRESHOLD – EXTERIOR The primary entrance of a building typically employs a dual entry through multiple doors. Both sets of doors can be glass or wood and can be secured. Our modular system is constructed with bullet resistant materials to provide the essentials of protection and can include doors with locking systems to impede an attacker.

2. SECONDARY THRESHOLD – INTERIOR Should there be a breach and an imminent threat is realized within the building, a secondary line of protection can offer an increased number of safe spaces to provide enhanced security until authorities arrive. A key offering in our bullet resistant solutions includes a single door that can be used in classrooms, auditoriums, offices, conference rooms, bedrooms or other spaces. This door can include a glass light which allows for upgraded safety without sacrificing normalcy.

3. TERTIARY THRESHOLD – SECURED INTERIOR Creating additional Secured Zones within common areas can provide additional protective spaces for multiple people. These secured interior spaces can be constructed using our modular components and will increase the chance for individuals to evade an imminent threat situation until they can evacuate.

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We have been designing and constructing Panic Rooms / Safe Rooms for the worlds elite for over 25 years!!

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