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ArmorCore® Bullet Resistant Fibreglass Panels - The BEST in the business

At Panic Room Builders we have used Waco Composites ArmorCore Ballistic Fiberglass product for all of our Level 3 installations for many years. Why ArmorCore?? Here’s why:

Bullet Resistant Panels Capabilities

From bank lobbies and courtrooms to police weapons training facilities and military transports, ArmorCore® bullet resistant fiberglass panels have demonstrated unrivaled security against bullets and blast fragments.

ArmorCore® fiberglass panels are the superior choice when specifying or constructing a bullet resistant wall with woodwork or drywall, providing an affordable and efficient ballistic protection solution.

Stringent testing against a variety of threats, wide-ranging capabilities, swift turn-around times and low costs make ArmorCore® panels the preferred product for bullet resistant material in defensive architecture. Our products have a wide range of applications including Commercial Financial, Government, Grid Security, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Military, Residential, Safe Rooms and Schools.

Ballistic Threat Protection

The composite laminate consists of fiberglass reinforced thermoset resin designed to defeat a projectile through a process of energy absorption through controlled delamination and energy dissipation.

The fiberglass reinforcement transfers the energy of the bullet across the width of the panel. In addition, the resin is designed to separate into individual plies through a process of controlled delamination to eventually absorb all the energy and stop the bullet within the laminate.

Once the plies have begun to delaminate, additional shots become progressively easier to defeat because the energy is more readily absorbed by the laminate.

In contrast to metal barriers, the fiberglass laminate is designed to prevent ricochet of the projectile as well as spalling on the non-threat side of the bullet resistant panel.

Bullet Resistant Panels Benefits

  1. Lighter Weight Than Steel

  2. Easier To Install With Standard Tools

  3. Effective Delay Against Forced Entry

  4. Low Wicking – No Build-Up Of Mold

  5. Non-Toxic Materials

  6. 1-Hour Fire Rating (ASTM E119-00)

  7. Available In Sizes Up To 5′ x 10′

  8. Available in the Full Range of U.L

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