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Attempted home invasion in Bay Area turns into shooting! It's Time to get a Panic Room

An attempted home invasion turned into a shooting at an Oakland family residency.

The suspects were armed with a crowbar and pistol as they tried breaking into a family’s home located in the Allendale Section of Oakland.

The incident happened as the homeowners were sleeping an early February morning.

Security video from outside the house shows three cars pulling up onto Minna Avenue. Burglars approached the home shortly after.

Men came out from the cars and tried to open Johnson’s front door.

However, Johnson’s nephew who lives downstairs startled the men.

“It’s scary.” homeowner Ken Johnson said. “My nephew had pounded on his interior door which they mistook for gunshots and then they ran of.”

After the men heard the noise, they started shooting at the home.

About four bullet casings were found at the property.

Johnson says he’s experienced a previous break-in attempt before back in 2020. The event caused him to buy cameras for his property.

Now, he added iron doors after the shooting.

Oakland police say there’s an ongoing investigation for the case.

Johnson is thankful his family is unharmed and hopes the burglars do not return.


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