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Ballistic Commercial Protection

It’s a crazy world out there and with US Elections and the Covid Pandemic in full swing, it’s going to be a rocky ride for some time.

A new report finds that more than 100,000 California residents have purchased a gun or firearm in response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a response attributed to a jump in concern of violence during the global health crisis.

Conducted by researchers at the University of California, Davis Firearm Violence Research Center and Violence Prevention Research Program, an online survey was administered to 2,870 adults across California from July 14 to 27 — a relatively short time span, but with a representative sample of Californian adults.

In response to questions about perceived increases in violence, 2.4 percent of respondents said that they purchased a firearm due to the pandemic. Within this group, 43 percent reported that they did not own a firearm prior to the onset of the coronavirus.

With this in mind – We have to protect ourselves, our homes and our businesses

We have the ultimate solutions for your protection and the protection of your families and employees.

Commercial, Residential, Government, Military, Banks, Credit Unions, Retail, Check Cashing, Prisons, Courthouses, Dispensaries, Police Stations, Safe Rooms, Schools, Public Safety Facilities, & Stadiums.

Protect your home, office, business, educational setting or house of worship with patented bullet resistant products.  For custom designs and installation CALL US TODAY

Call Panic Room Builders Today to Fortify & Protect your Home or Business with a Bespoke Panic/Safe Room.

We have been designing and constructing Panic Rooms / Safe Rooms for the worlds elite for over 25 years!!

Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Dubai, Turkey, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Miami, New York  – International operations wherever you are based in the USA or the world



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