BURNING RAGE Italy and Spain riots erupt over coronavirus curfew

PROTESTERS ransacked shops and hurled petrol bombs at police in Italy and Spain last night over new restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Violence erupted in the Italian city of Turin as protesters smashed windows, set off smoke bombs and hurled bottles at cops.

Luxury clothing shops, including a Gucci store, were ransacked in the city centre as crowds of youths took to the streets to set off firecrackers and coloured flares.

Police fired tear gas to disperse the violent crowds.

Hours earlier, 300 taxis peacefully lined up in neat rows in the same area to draw attention to the financial losses from the pandemic.

In nearby Milan, police also used tear gas to scatter protesters as crowds chanted “freedom, freedom, freedom” and hurled petrol bombs in the city centre.

The unrest was blamed on extremist agitators and police said 28 people had been arrested in the capital.

There were also clashes in Spain last night as hundreds gathered in Barcelona to protest the Spanish and Catalan governments’ latest coronavirus restrictions.

Protesters set fire to bins and lit flares in the street to demonstrate against curfews.

Protests in Italy have been prompted by a government order to close bars, cafes and restaurants at 6pm, which lasts until November 24, also took place in Rome, Genoa, Palermo and Trieste.

Several Italian regions and cities had already slapped on overnight curfews to cut down on young people congregating outdoors.

Officers stand guard as protesters take to the streets in Barcelona


Officers stand guard as protesters take to the streets in BarcelonaCredit: EPA

A bin burns during protests in Barcelona


A bin burns during protests in BarcelonaCredit: EPA

Protesters in Milan lit coloured flares in the streets