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Don't be the next Victim... Secure yourself with a Mobile Safe Room

Specialist Civilian Armored Vehicles custom made for you.

Civilian Protection Features

The team at QC Armor has identified the need for every day armored vehicles that protect friends and family. This was a segment typically reserved for the rich and famous or corporate executives, but we are pleased to announce a light armor protection package now affordable to many. If you’re looking for peace of mind when transporting family, we have the solution. This package forms a protective belt around the vehicle, surrounding the occupants with level B4 protection. In urban environments the most likely threat will come from carjacking, road rage, robbery, follow-home attacks or crossfire from random street violence. Our Domestic Protection package uses light weight Kevlar in the doors and rear compartment/trunk as well as replacing all factory glass with transparent armor protecting the occupants from handguns as powerful as the .44 Magnum. Prices vary depending on the options the client chooses but we can craft a package to meet most budgets.

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