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High Security Safe Room Doors

What’s in a Safe Room Door?

Level 3 to Level 8 Security Doors The Safe Room high security door can withstand entry from highly skilled attackers using heavy-duty tools such as crowbars, hammers, axes, saws, steel cutting pliers, and power drills. The door is so secure that during testing, the engineers at iFT Rosenheim gave up trying to penetrate the door after 77 minutes of machine time. The Shield Premium door can be upgraded to include ballistic resistance ranging from small handgun fire to assault rifles (FB4, FB6). The door is suitable for government offices, commercial buildings, private homes, and apartments.

Safe Room doors are designed to help create a highly secure environment for areas with elevated threat profiles or security challenges, providing complete protection against burglary or forced entry. Its 3.6-inch thick door leaf, patented design and unique security features are the result of years of research, development, and testing against a wide variety of burglary methods. Additionally, the door was tested for internal and external penetration to ensure that it is as secure from the inside as from the outside.

Discrete Security hidden in our design. One of our core beliefs is that the secret to good security is to keep it a secret. Security is much harder to defeat when you can’t see it and don’t know what you’re up against. We can replace your existing doors and windows with identical, military grade replicas that don’t betray their true nature.


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