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Kelly Brook ‘shaken’ as £3 million London home burgled by thieves

An intruder is thought to have escaped with electrical items and jewelry after they broke into the model’s £3 million home. Miss Brook disturbed the thief when returning from her radio show on Heart FM. Police officers were called, arriving at her flat between 7pm and 9pm, and they have opened up an investigation.

“I’m so, so upset. It’s really shaken me up. I won’t be staying by myself tonight.” she said

Whilst she said to a friend: “The thought of someone being inside my house has really shaken me up – especially because I’m there on my own quite a lot in the week. I’m so, so upset, it’s just an awful thing to have to think about.”

The burglary has unsettled a lot of her neighbors, with the likes of Helena Bonham Carter and David Walliams also having houses in the area.

One neighbor said: “It’s very shocking. We think organised crime gangs have been operating in the area, stalking the houses and waiting to strike. A lot of them around here have been armed and violent. There’s been a lot of suspicious activity. We’re targeted because it’s such a nice area. It’s one of the most exclusive parts of London. Kelly is a great neighbor. I feel so sorry for her. It’s awful.”

Whilst another added: “There’s been a worrying rise in violent crime involving weapons in the area. There’s a real fear about what is happening. Nobody feels safe. It’s terrible. I feel so sorry for Kelly. She and her boyfriend are great neighbors. These homes here stick out for burglars. I’ll be beefing up my security.”

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