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Luxury Home Security: How to keep your luxury property secure

How to keep your luxury property secure

When you’ve spent a lot of money on a gorgeous luxury home, you want to keep it as safe and secure as can be. Luxury homes are often easy targets for criminals as they know there will be plenty of expensive things inside the home worth stealing. To make matters worse, security systems have not been designed around the family’s lifestyle and are not used because they are unsuitable or inconvenient.

If you want to know how to keep your luxury home safe, then carry on reading this blog post.

One key thing to consider is this idea of security layering. Instead of relying on one specific type of security, you have lots of different layers on top of one another. If one fails you, then another security layer is there to protect you, and so on.

Bearing that in mind, here are some of our tips for keeping your home as secure as possible:

A Good Alarm System Is The Base Of Your Home Security Strategy

To start things off, you must have a good intruder alarm system installed on your property. This forms the base of your entire home security strategy. The function of this system is to alert you as soon as intruders have been detected. Motion detecting alarms are essential, particularly if you have a lot of land outside your actual house. With motion detectors on the outside of your home, you can pick up on movements before they get too close, stopping intruders in their tracks and alerting you at the earliest moment of intrusion.

With an expensive home like yours, you must have an alarm system that's monitored 24/7. This means that, if intruders are detected, someone is there to pick up on it and react right away. You could hire an in-house security team to do this, but there are services available that allow you to have your system monitored remotely. To go alongside this, your alarm system must be hooked up with the capability for police responses. So, if an alarm is triggered, the police are alerted and can arrive at your premises with no delay. Some clients engage the services of a Security Response Guard as well.

Integrate CCTV Cameras Into Your Security System

Alarms are an essential aspect of home security, but you need to add things to the system for more protection. One of the best things you can call upon is a CCTV camera system. Ideally, you should have cameras both inside and outside your home. Cameras outside will have an instant deterring effect on any intruders. People are far less likely to try and break into a home when they can see cameras and know they’ll be caught on film. Cameras inside will help identify suspects if they ever manage to enter your home. Plus, they can be used to keep an eye on any staff for their safety and to see they are carrying out their duties even when you are not there.

The great thing about CCTV systems is that the technology is so much better than it used to be. You can receive HD video images that are crystal clear. What’s more, you can broadcast the live footage through TV’s in your home, or even get a smart CCTV system that let's you access the camera via an app. Again, ideally, you should have someone monitoring the camera footage at all times to check for signs of unusual activity. If you want someone to watch over you 24/7 or just certain times we can tailor as required.

Bolster Your Exterior Security Measures

You shouldn’t forget about security measures on the outside perimeter of your home as well. Physical objects; like tall gates and walls/fences, can prevent people from getting onto your property in the first place. It’s an excellent idea to set up access points, so you have to approve of everyone that tries to come to your luxury house. Also, something as simple as a long driveway will add security as it makes the task of breaking in and getting away a lot longer and harder.

Finally, you should think about a strategic planting strategy as well. By using prickly plants around the perimeter of your home, you can deter criminals from trying to climb over walls or gates. There’s a decreased chance someone will attempt a break-in if there are sharp plants around that could cut them and leave DNA evidence.

At the end of the day, you worked extremely hard to afford a lovely luxury home. So, it would be awful if someone broke in and stole your expensive belongings or sentimental items. Follow the advice laid out above if you want to create a layered home security system that will stop criminals in their tracks or detect them at the earliest possibility. Now, you can sleep a lot more soundly at night, safe in the knowledge that your home is secure, and you have done all that you reasonably can.


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