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Luxury Homes Increasing Security

Ask affluent homeowners what’s important in their homes and chances are privacy and security will be among the top concerns.

As the value of homes and possessions increase along with an individual’s public profile, so too do security issues; and today the perception of security is apt to include a range of new vulnerabilities.

When it comes to protection, homeowners have more tools than ever literally at their fingertips. Security has become easier to incorporate into our homes with technology and having security as part of that integration. Clientele can watch their front door in London from their home in Los Angeles from a mobile device. This allows security to be simple and seamless.

Not only has the area of home security and protection accelerated at a remarkable pace, but smaller monitoring devices have changed the face of home security. These are all great technological advancements, but a general warning, especially to ultra-high net worth individuals, is to be aware of the vulnerabilities of those technologies. The more technology that exists in your home, the greater the potential of vulnerability for hacking.

Affluent homeowners should ensure their security system is on par with the value, size and complexity of the property. For example, a $15 million home should consist of a higher complexity of equipment than that of an alarm component that you would see in an average home. In a home of that caliber, it’s important to use experts and not rely on the person who is installing the video and audio systems.

Protecting the perimeter of a property is as important as protecting the perimeter of the home. However, this requirement varies by the type of property and how often it is occupied. A brownstone in Manhattan might only need a surveillance camera at the door, while 400 acres in a rural area might require surveillance and alarms around the perimeter of the property.

Safe Room for Shelter

Some of the most desirable locations, waterfront or mountaintop, are also ones prone to natural disasters. Make good choices when you buy a treetop home. With this in mind always think about installing a safe room for ultimate protection.


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