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Man Broke into Massachusetts Home of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen



MGS Group Real Estate8:06 AM PT — THE BREAK-IN SUSPECT HAS A HISTORY OF TOM BRADY-RELATED CRIME!!!Just last year, Cineus was arrested for stealing a Tom Brady jersey from the New England Patriots Hall of Fame exhibit in Foxboro.Officials said at the time Cineus allegedly tried to stuff the uniform under his shirt — along with a glove from the exhibit — and make a break for it.

The Sun ChronicleBut, cops busted the man when he SLIPPED during the attempted theft — giving police time to move in and apprehend him.Cops say Cineus was wearing the stolen jersey under his jacket when they found him.7:53 AM PT — More info from the cops … who have identified the suspect as Zanini Cineus, a 34-year-old homeless man.Officials say officers located Cineus in the basement of the home — where he was “laying on the couch in the middle of the room.”

Brookline Police DepartmentCineus is facing multiple criminal charges — including breaking and entering, entering in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony, attempted larceny and trespassing.Officials also say Cineus has “several active warrants out of Wrentham District Court stemming from incidents that occurred in Foxboro, MA late last year.”One last thing … in a press release issued by police, they refer to Brady as “our forever New England Patriot.”Cops in Massachusetts arrested a man who allegedly broke into a mansion owned by Tom Brady and Gisele… but the superstars haven’t lived there for months.The Brookline Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports … 1 suspect was taken into custody on suspicion of breaking and entering at 5:55 AM.Cops say the suspect set off multiple house alarms — plus, private security spotted the intruder … so police raced over.We’re told responding units were given an access code and located the suspect in the basement area. He was arrested without incident.The suspect, whose name hasn’t been released, is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning.Tom and Gisele reportedly bought the property back in 2013 — and built the home from the ground up. It was completed in 2015.The 12,000-square-foot estate is sick — 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms with a rec room, gym, wine room, spa AND an outdoor organic herb/vegetable garden.The couple put the place up on the market in late 2019 for $39.5 million — but then cut the price to $33.9.They reportedly took it off the market for a while — but recently decided to try their luck again privately, off-market … so, it’s currently up for grabs.Of course, Tom and Gisele have moved to Tampa Bay, Florida — since TB12 left New England to play for the Bucs.Originally Published — 7:08 AM PT Courtesy of TMZ


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