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Paris Jackson is a victim of a Los Angeles home invasion, suspect on the loose

Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson was the victim of a complicated situation in her in Los Angeles home as a person broke into the gardens of the property and came face to face with one of the tenants living in the guest house.

The tenant confronted the offender and, fortunately, the latter did not put up any resistance and escaped at full speed. According to TMZ, authorities have not been able to locate and arrest the assailant, but additional patrols have been ordered to monitor the area.

Fortunately, Paris Jackson was not at home at the time of the incident, but the news surely reminded her of the nightmare she experienced five years ago when an obsessive fan prevented her from going out.

Since then, the daughter of the King of Pop got a restraining order after enduring the man's harassment at the doors of her recording studio

Back in 2018, Paris was locked up for up to 15 hours before she could go outside, waiting for her stalker to leave and leave her alone.

One of the singer's friends went directly to him to tell him that his behavior was not correct and asked for explanations. According to testimonies gathered by the news outlet, the aggressor said: "What do you think I'm doing? Following this bitch. But tonight, it will all be over, I'll finish her off or with a shotgun," he told her.


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