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Roswell home of ex-UGA Bulldog, NFL star AJ Green burglarized

The homes of celebrities and athletes have been frequent targets around Atlanta and its suburbs in recent months

The Roswell home of NFL legend and ex-UGA Bulldog A.J. Green was burglarized last week, a police report shows.

The Roswell Police Department incident report says officers responded to the home a little after 8 p.m. on Friday night. Among the evidence of items stolen was cash near a broken window, loose cash in a drawer and an empty luxury watch box in an office.

The report indicates Green's master closet, the office and his children's bedrooms were some of the areas that were gone through and left disheveled.

The most significant item of note in the report is an empty box for an Audemars Piguet watch in Green's office - the Swiss luxury watches can run in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The report did not state definitively that a watch was stolen, however.

Green and his family were not home at the time. He currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals. The team's season was over by Friday night, though it's not clear whether the Roswell home is used as a primary residence by Green or not.

According to the report, officers first noticed "muddy footprints on a sidewalk" leading around the house, then discovered a broken window at the back deck leading into the kitchen.

"While holding my position, I observed what appeared to be money located on the outside of the broken window," the responding officer writes in the report.

A K-9 unit arrived on scene and began "picking up a human scent that led him to a hole ion the house's perimeter fence." According to the report, the fence was made of metal bars, two of which had been "widened large enough to allow" a small opening.

Inside the home, officers found his side of the master closet burglarized, though his wife's side was "seemingly untouched."

"Other things of note inside the residence are that both juveniles` rooms appeared to have been rummaged though, however, only the top drawers of the children`s dressers were open," the report also notes. One nightstand had loose cash that was collected as evidence.

Officers found open drawers in two other spare rooms. It was unclear if anything was taken from them.

The homes of celebrities and athletes have been frequent targets around Atlanta and its suburbs in recent months. The Buckhead home of NBA legend Vince Carter was burglarized last summer, and three people were indicted last August for a string of burglaries targeting celebrity homes, including Mariah Carey's in Sandy Springs.

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