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WeHo robbers armed with AK-47 possibly arrested in Beverly Hills

A group of robbers who wielded what appeared to be an AK-47 during a holdup near La Boheme last month may have been taken into custody, a West Hollywood official said.

The robbery at Santa Monica Boulevard and Orlando Avenue in West Hollywood was reported the night of April 25, but it may have been another robbery in Beverly Hills that led to the suspects’ arrests, said West Hollywood City Manager David Wilson.

Beverly Hills police said Tuesday that three people held up victims outside of a department store on Beverly Boulevard, with one person armed with an assault-style rifle.

Three people — a man and two women — were also accused in last week’s robbery, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station has been working closely with Beverly Hills and believes that the four individuals in custody may have been the same four suspects involved in the West Hollywood robbery,” he told the West Hollywood City Council Monday night.

The identities of those arrested have not been released, and the connection of the fourth suspect remains unknown.

In the meantime, West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyne noted that crime is down since last March, though footage of the robbery was jarring for everyone.

“It’s really frightening to see a video like this and I can understand the fear out there in the community. I have a lot of understanding, compassion, empathy … I’m so glad that nobody got hurt,” she said.


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