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"The Fact is Not all visitors knock before entering a home."

Police statistics show that the number of home invasions and violent crimes against homeowner has substantially risen since 2008 affecting every demographic across the nation. The most vulnerable part of the home is the front door. It is the number one compromised element of a residence. The door jamb surrounding the door is no match for brute force kicks or body slams, which easily splinters and released the door so that intruders can enter. Deadbolts and door locks are limited only by the wood that the bolts are recessed into and also the type of locks used and quality of the installation.



Unsecured entry door


Armorbar installed on entry door

​Armorbar is a door security bar device that may be installed into an existing home, business, or school that has the capacity to prevent forced entry and provide a quick and easy solution for unwelcome visitors. It works by allowing the user to disengage it from its stored position, and drop it down then locking it on the opposite side of the door providing a backing device for any swing in door. By utilizing heavy steel gauge tubing, and a spring loaded locking mechanism, the Armorbar security device for doors far exceeds the demand placed upon the system during a panic situation. What is unique is that the bar is always stored on the wall on one end that allows it to swing down when needed. No need to worry about storing or setting it in a corner against the wall where it may be misplaced or having to reach down to pick it up and set it in the cradle like similar devices. It's always where it's needed, halfway up the door and ready for each use. The security bar only takes a few seconds to secure any door.


Comes will all hardware. Doorway needs 2" of clearance on either side of molding to install. Swing in doors only. A drill/driver is best for installation.  Fits all Standard 36" doors and needs 44" to properly install.


Price Available Upon Request

Contact us for more details on ARMORBAR 

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