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Safe Rooms
Luxurious Bedroom

Safe Rooms

A safe room is a fortified everyday use room in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, a place where individuals, families or executives can protect themselves from violence while the authorities answer a call for help. We provide full Design & Installation of your bespoke Panic Room including Custom design finishes to match existing interior design, or we can supply and ship complete Panic Room Kits to your door for your own individual project. 

With 40+ years of expertise in luxury high rise building and below grade bunkers, we are confident we will supply you with your ultimate security safe space.  

Armored Doors & Windows
House with Pool

Armored Doors & Windows

Fully Custom Bulletproof  Doors, Windows and Frames built with the highest quality materials are the best option for base defense. If the door is put on a weaker door frame, the door frame will be targeted instead of the door itself.

Digital Security System
Armored Cars

Luxury, Technology and Safety

 Installing the latest High-Tech security features including Fingerprint and Facial Recognition, Motorized Locks, Complete Motorized Pocket Doors and more. Engineered and Designed to secure your safe environment in an unobtrusive way. We also offer complete custom finishing work into the design and installation so that your safe room is a luxury everyday use room, seamlessly transformed into a safe haven when needed. 

Construction Worker
Personal Security

Custom Safe Room Kits

We offer fully custom panelized safe room kits for Private Residencies, Commercial premises and Educational facilities. Our kits are available for shipping globally and include everything you need to transform any existing room and retrofit it into a safe room

Home Security
Beautiful Spanish style luxury mansion residential home with a privacy gate and palm trees

Home Security

We stop crime before it happens by using the best integration of SMART Technology for your property. State of the art Cameras, Artificial Intelligence and Access Control Systems work together to protect against human error. This is all backed up by live 24/7 monitoring by highly trained security agents. If something happens, it's dealt with immediately.


Armored Vehicles

Welcome to the epitome of mobile security at Panic Room Builders. In collaboration with our trusted vendor, we bring you armored vehicles that redefine safety in motion. Meticulously engineered with advanced materials, reinforced bulletproof glass, and armored panels, our vehicles create an impenetrable shield against external threats.

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