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$10 million a year to protect Mark Zuckerberg

“When you’re one of the Richest people on the planet and Founder & CEO of Facebook, personal security at home and at work is a top priority”… say’s Bill Rigdon, President & CEO of Building Consensus and Panic Room Builders.

“We’ve been in business for over 25 years building Panic Rooms for High Net Worth Clients, Celebrities, Corporate Executives all over the world”.

“We recently created an elaborate panic room on the bottom floor of an expansive oceanfront estate in La Jolla, California. It includes tunnels so the two young children can escape and a door to trap the intruders, I did another project for a client in Bel-Air that has a tunnel to the canyon”.

“Our safe rooms are built to include: doors, walls, floors and ceilings reinforced with bullet and bomb blast resistant materials, wireless communications, coatings to prevent eavesdropping, surveillance cameras, survival items (first-aid kits, water, packaged food, self-defense tools, backup generator, and even a kitchen and bathroom) as well as a secure air supply in the event of biological or chemical attack”.

Bill Rigdon concludes “Mr Zuckerberg receives numerous weekly death threats and he isn’t the only Executive/Celebrity to do so. Brutal attacks against executives and families underscore the harsh reality of life in a dangerous world. Far from being a luxury, safe rooms are essential for businesses across the economic spectrum. As global leaders and the Trusted Authority, Panic Room Builders make our Customers’ vision of complete security and peace of mind a reality”.

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