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12-Year-Old Girl Among 7 Victims in NYC Motorbike Duo's Thieving Rampage

A 12-year-old girl was dragged to the ground by a pair of jewelry-hungry thieves in what has become a growing crime spree by a pair of aggressive robbers in Queens, cops said Sunday.

The young victim was walking home from school on Oct. 24 when the men came riding up from behind her on the sidewalk on a motorbike and grabbed the girl's necklace, video released by police shows.

Pulled down to the pavement by her necklace, the girl was dragged behind the motorbike for several feet before her attackers got away. The attack happened on Layton Street in Elmhurst in the middle of the afternoon.

"It's scary to go out onto the streets most of the time," the seventh-grade victim said. "I've never harmed someone in a way they did to me, I don't think I deserved that."

The duo has caught the attention of the NYPD after terrorizing people across the borough in a series of necklace grabs dating back to that first October theft. Since then, police say the thieves have struck six additional times in a two-week span. Most of the victims have been women, with one getting punched in the face during the robbery.

Two days after targeting the 12-year-old, the thieves struck four times in a single day over a roughly six-hour period. The first two grabs of that day occurred within 10 minutes of each other, police said.

In one instance, one of the men punched a 37-year-old woman near 34th Avenue and 103rd Street in their attempt to take her necklace. They weren't successful.


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