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2 of the Most Impressively Safeguarded Homes on Earth

Home security is a big issue for all of us, but when you are a Head of State and the most Powerful Man in the world the owners of the homes below have taken home security to new heights. Here are 2 of the most impressively safeguarded houses in the world.

1. Buckingham Palace: Home to the British Royal Family

Like most residences of important national figureheads, London’s Buckingham Palace is well-protected. Anyone who has visited the iconic landmark has probably witnessed the famous changing of the guards, but that’s not the full extent of the palace’s security system. There are numerous panic rooms throughout the palace, all fitted with 18-inch steel walls. Security in the palace was increased after an incident in 1982, when a man by the name of Michael Fagan managed to bypass the 24-hour guard patrols and break into the Queen’s bedroom.

2. The White House: Keeping POTUS Safe

It should come as no surprise that the White House is one of the best-protected homes in the world. The historic home to the President of the United States is staffed by 1,300 secret service agents.

In addition to the manpower on hand to protect the president, the White House is equipped with 147 bulletproof windows and an emergency operations center, which allows the president to perform his duties from six stories underground in the event of a massive threat.

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