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24/7 Remote Guarding in Action

Edgeworth’s Remote Guard for our residential clients has prevented numerous break-ins, thefts and other dangerous and unwanted activity for our client. Watch our video above to see Remote Guard in action. These video clips are shared with permission.

Welcome to Peace of Mind

From our secure headquarters, Edgeworth Security’s highly trained agents watch for and stop incidents before they happen. Our clients experience true peace of mind knowing their assets and property are secure.

99% Accuracy rate versus 5% accuracy rate for traditional alarms

93% Deterrent rate with Voice Down Live Communication

99% Apprehension rate for those that do not leave following Voice Down


Stop Break-Ins &Theft Stop Loitering & Trespassing Stop Property Damage Keep Loved Ones Safe Replace or Enhance Existing Guards Proactively Alert You to Unusual Activity

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