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50% of Silicon Valley billionaires have acquired some kind of doomsday hideaway spot.

Time to Pay Attention: Elite Reportedly Fleeing to Doomsday Bunkers Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

As coronavirus fears continue to peak and the people fight each other over pallets of toilet paper at Costco, the world’s elite aren’t taking any chances. According to a report out of the UK this week, the super-rich are preparing to self-isolate in the face of an escalation in the coronavirus crisis. But their plans extend far beyond stocking up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

The world’s elite are boarding private jets and taking off to private bunkers across the world.

As the coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19, continues to infect thousands, our daily lives are being rerouted to adapt to the virus.

Many have been advised to work from home, if able, to help contain the disease. Some city scenes have been called apocalyptic as we react to a viral outbreak that has now infected over 170,000 people.

But for the doomsday prepper community they’re constantly preparing for disaster scenarios. And the wealthiest in society, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and beyond, take it to a whole other level, perhaps simply because they can afford to. From buying up land in New Zealand to getting Lasik eye surgery, some of the biggest names in tech have invested in doomsday prepping.

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