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£500,000 raid on Premier League star Mamadou Sakho’s mansion is latest attack in wealthy suburb Wimb

Crystal Palace centre back Mamadou Sakho, 29, his wife Majda and their three children were away when intruders struck at the gated property in Wimbledon , London. The couple rent the multi-million pound house from former Chelsea and Arsenal player Nicolas Anelka and his wife Barbara Tausia.

Six years ago, the former France international, 40, reportedly chased the Wimbledon Prowler Asdrit Kapaj through his back garden after an attempted break-in.

Pc Dean Shaw, who is leading the investigation, said: ‘It is believed that two male suspects carried out this burglary.

Masterchef star Marcus Wareing’s £7million London mansion was raided by a team of ‘burglary tourists’ who jetted in from Chile and took his watch collection including his prized gold Rolex and his wife’s Louboutin shoes.

The Michelin-starred restaurateur’s Wimbledon home was broken into in October last year by a South American gang who sprayed a small orange spot on the chef’s fence to remind them of their targets.

Celebrities are a major target for Break-ins, due to social media and busy work schedules it is relatively simple for gangs to know when the family are out of the house and the best time to commit the crime.. Unfortunately it is becoming a lot more brazen and happening when the family are at home as well.

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