7 Extraordinary Homes with Safe Rooms

7 Famous Homes With Safe Rooms

A man’s home is his castle, but what if a well-secured moat isn’t enough? In luxury homes, there’s one way of dealing with hostile outsiders: Escaping to your  secure safe room.

Safe Rooms are fully secure and can feature closed-circuit TV, weapons, supplies, and secure phone lines.

We are now supplying Safe Room Kits and shipping directly to you anywhere in the world!  In these Unsettled and Economic times it is paramount to secure your family or business against any threat and invest in a safe room.

The following seven homes are equipped with safe rooms and are state-of-the-art when it comes to safety.

Robin Williams’ estate in Napa Valley, CA

Price: $22.9 million

Safe words: Villa Sorriso happens to be the estate of the late Robin Williams. The 20,000-square-foot, Mediterranean-style main house sits on 654 acres marked by olive trees, vineyards, and riding trails. The main house features three (!) safe rooms, which will come in handy if dastardly wine thieves somehow make it on to the property.

Robin Williams' house in Napa Valley, CA

Robin Williams’ house in Napa Valley, CArealtor.com


Island estate in Guilford, CT

Price: $15 million

Safe words: A 3.49-acre estate among the Thimble Islands, this Georgian-style mansion built in 2004 features a private beach, elevator, and safe room. The 7,445-square-foot house is backed by a “whole house generator,” and the grounds include a private well, so you could truly shut yourself off from the outside world.

An island estate in Guilford, CT

An island estate in Guilford, CTrealtor.com


1036 Summit Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

Price: $24.9 million

Safe words: The interior of this 11,000-square-foot, Mediterranean-style house was designed by