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Armed robbery gang who proudly posed with stolen watches

A group of robbers armed with knives and machetes who stole luxury watches and jewellery in a string of violent and terrifying street robberies are facing jail.

Victims were viciously attacked and forced to hand over their valuables in the broad-daylight muggings in Chelsea and Balham, southwest London.

The Met Police’s Flying Squad captured two of the robbers, Kaijuan Henry, 19, and Roshan Clark, 18, thanks to celebratory pictures of them posing with the stolen watches.

Another two, Michael Malik Ahmed, 29, and Zakariah Yusuf, 19, left behind their personal possession when fleeing from a stolen car being pursued by police.

They, alongside Jessy Ouma, 18, and Joseph Opoku, 19, have all been convicted over the robberies which happened in December 2021 and January last year, and await sentencing at Isleworth crown court.

“These men carried out multiple violent robberies which left many of those targeted fearing for their lives”, said Detective Sergeant Gary Taylor, one of the investigating officers.

“Their attacks were brazen, took place on busy streets and I have no doubt they would have gone on to commit further crimes if they had not been quickly caught.”

On December 21, 2021, a man was ambushed on Old Church Street in Chelsea at around 11.15am, when Clark and Henry – armed with a large serrated knife and a crow bar – grabbed his wrist and forced him to hand over his £1,500 Tag Heuer watch.

Less than an hour later, a man was chased in Balham by robbers brandishing a large Zombie knife, before being punched in the face for his bag.

Later the same day, Clark and Henry struck again, forcing two men sitting at a pub table to hand over their watches, worth around £35,000 each.

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