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Combining advanced technology with actionable intelligence for global security solutions.

Broadstone Risks is a world-class Security and Intelligence Service. Our people are the new generation of security and technology experts disrupting the changing landscape of modern threats. Chosen by many of the worlds highest profile individuals, Broadstone meets the demand for an intelligent and sophisticated response to today’s security challenges.

Broadstone Risks is a British owned, independent, global security and intelligence company with the capability to provide government-level applications for both physical and technical security. Our vision is to offer our clients, as private individuals, royalty, celebrity, governments, brands and crowded spaces a ‘best in the world’ spectrum of secure solutions.

Peter Miles CEO

Peter Miles is an established British Security and Intelligence professional.

As one of the most experienced specialist security subject matter experts of close protection and celebrity security in the industry, Peter has spent over 20 years in covert and protective surveillance, policing, physical security and risk management.

A social media intelligence and cyber investigations expert, he has served to protect some of the most famous names and brands in the world, that have included such names as Beyonce, JayZ, and Ariana Grande, managing elite government level security and crisis management teams, supporting operations on all continents in over 70 countries.

A former officer with the United Kingdom Home Office and London Metropolitan Police, his specialist area is securing clients that require the highest levels of discreet intelligent security and protective intelligence, that continues to safeguard important personnel and business throughout the world.


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