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Bullet Resistant Storefronts – Protect your store from Riots and Looting

Civil unrest throughout the USA and the World has seen a dramatic increase this year. Riots on the streets of our Cities, Looting, Smash and Grab all on the rise. A recent outbreak of rioting on August 10th in Chicago, when looters—some of whom had hired vans for the occasion—flooded to rich central districts and smashed into luxury-goods, electronics and other shops.

Attackers pried open cash dispensers, seized cash registers and hauled off carloads of luxury clothes, jewelry, televisions and alcohol, even as hundreds of police chased them and helicopters watched from above. Eager for notoriety, a few looters laden with armfuls of designer goods live-streamed themselves on social media. Some violence erupted; and a security guard was shot.

Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Portland… It seems nowhere is immune – We HAVE TO protect or stores, our employees, our lives!

There is a Solution – Our Patented wall-to-wall Bullet Resistant Protection Storefront System incorporates wood, glass, and polycarbonate, producing Maximum security that is virtually undetectable. Our patented storefront system has the ability to make your space safer and more secure during these trying times. With today’s need for safety and security, warmth and beauty makes the difference in helping your customers or employees feel secure when in your spaces. These doors can accommodate any locking hardware including low voltage systems and magnetic systems all made to your exacting specifications and in all UL levels 1-8. One-Way vision security films can increase the level of safety in your space.

Don’t Fall Victim to Violent Riots and Looting – Install Maximum Security and Protection Storefront Systems with Panic Room Builders


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