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Burglar caught red-handed by ex-boss while stealing from his home is jailed

A burglar who was caught red-handed stealing from his boss’s home when he returned from a hospital appointment has been jailed.

Eduard Sokolov, 31, was spotted with arms full of items by his former employer when leaving the property in Eye, Suffolk, on 16 June.

He had been filmed on CCTV adjusting the angle and then disconnecting the security camera at the victim’s home three days before he broke in, Cambridgeshire Police said.

The burglary victim had visited hospital for an appointment on the day his house was targeted. When he returned less than two hours later, he spotted Sokolov leaving with his possessions.

A friend who was with the victim gave chase through a nearby supermarket car park and managed to retrieve a stolen air rifle, which had been left as Sokolov fled, police added.

Items not recovered include a tablet for car diagnostics worth about £350, an Apple laptop worth £600, a Samsung phone worth £500, a gold necklace and bracelet worth £500, a silver and gold watch worth £350 and car keys for a Mercedes Benz.

Sokolov, of Peterborough, was arrested and refused to answer questions, but on 1 July he admitted burglary and was sentenced at Peterborough Crown Court on Tuesday.

He was handed a total of 10 months in prison after it was revealed he had also breached a previous suspended sentence imposed last year.

DC George Corney, who investigated, said: “Sokolov denied any wrongdoing but was caught red-handed by the very man he chose to target.

“Burglary feels like an invasion of your own home – the place you should feel safest.

“It can have a huge impact on victims, not only because of sentimental items that are stolen and irreplaceable, but it can devastate them for years after as they no longer feel safe.

“This is why tackling it is one of our priorities and we are working hard every day to bring offenders before the courts.”


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