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The most basic and obvious concern is the ability of your data center to withstand outright physical damage. Inclement weather and disasters like flooding and earthquakes should be accounted for, as well as the possibility of man-made disasters.

As Global Experts in Data Center Physical Security, Building Consensus and Panic Room Builders specialize in assisting facilities in the way they manage and operate their physical security. At every step, from the design to the maintenance and security of your data center, human error (or intent) can create problems and expose critical vulnerabilities. With so much room for error, it’s important to carefully choose and monitor the people involved in your data center.

All employees from security to engineers to janitorial staff must undergo background checks to screen for potential threats or criminal history. Empower security and position them at key strategic access points where anyone enters the building, or even your parking lot. Make sure it’s clearly communicated to staff that all visitors must be escorted by the person they’re visiting, and emphasize the importance of keeping personal identifiers and information—like key cards, passwords and other access credentials—private in every situation. Maintain strict layers of access, escalating toward the most important and vulnerable parts of your data center.

Anyone looking to access the most secure areas should have multiple layers of authentication. Disgruntled Employees with granted access to critical areas in your data center can cause catastrophic damage and huge financial and legal implications for the company.

Physical threats remain a real risk and are often difficult to account and prepare for. Nonetheless, thorough preparation remains effective in mitigating and minimizing damages, which can be critical in avoiding massive data loss, IP theft, or huge disaster recovery expenses that otherwise could have been avoided. Attackers are resourceful and persistent.

With over 25 years of International Construction and Building Security experience, our Data Center Security Specialists are able to provide bespoke and thorough solutions to fortify your data center.


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