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Dozens of luxury cars burglarized along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu

In a brazen burglary spree, thieves have been targeting dozens of luxury cars along the Pacific Coast Highway near Las Flores Canyon, leaving some residents fearing for their safety.

People living along that stretch of PCH woke up Memorial Day weekend to a knock at the door by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy informing them of the break-ins.

“Walking out and just seeing everything vandalized was just traumatizing,” a resident identified only as Leah told KTLA. “It’s like you don’t feel safe in your own home. Malibu is so peaceful everyone loves coming here.”

Surveillance cameras from Leah’s home captured the thieves breaking into her Range Rover, which was parked in the driveway. Once the burglars had taken some of her personal items from the SUV, they can be seen in the video wiping their prints off the car, so as not to leave any evidence behind.

“It just hurts to see that these guys would have the audacity to break in and get away with it, just walk away, get in their car and just live their day by day from that,” Leah said.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the burglars targeted nearly two dozen vehicles between Memorial Day and June 8.

Jai Hendrix was another victim of the break-ins.

“They were kind of professionals at it. I mean, with the surveillance videos, they brushed something onto the window before and used a tool to break in,” she said. “They seemed like they kind of knew what they were doing,

Hendrix believes the thieves likely scouted the area ahead of time and planned the burglaries carefully.

“Kind of ironic because we’re immersed in all these beautiful homes over here and then you can’t even really park your car out front because your car can get smashed and broken into,” she added.

Most of the people along that stretch of the PCH told KTLA that they’re using rental cars at the moment while their vehicles are being repaired.

The Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station is taking the lead on the investigation and anyone who may recognize the people in the surveillance footage is encouraged to contact authorities.


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