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Face of burglar who targeted homes across Oxfordshire UK

Sergey Dimitrov's police mugshot Picture: TVP (Image: Thames Valley Police)This is the face of a burglar who broke into homes across Oxfordshire in search of expensive jewellery. Sergey Dimitrov, 30, was caught on CCTV leaving a property in Thame, then tracked through the town to where he had parked his French-registered car. That car was stopped 20 days later on April 26, when jewellery taken from a different burglary was found in the footwell of Dimitrov’s car. He admitted having targeted properties in Burford and Blaydon. Jailing him for 18 months at Oxford Crown Court last week, Recorder Alexander McGregor said: “What you did left [your victims] unsettled and left them feeling unsafe in their own home.” The Bulgarian national, who had spent his adulthood in France, faces deportation on his release from prison.


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