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Finally—protection against mass shootings and terror attacks


When clients ask for privacy for their property, they’re asking for the security that an iron fence brings. But for some properties, there’s a greater need — bullet resistance for protection against mass shootings and attacks, and crash resistance for protection against terror attacks conducted with trucks.

The breakthrough, patent pending bullet-resistant fence from Bullistic Barriers brings the assurance of safety, protection and privacy to individuals, businesses, embassies, schools, high-security sites, and secular community buildings such as churches, synagogues and places of gathering.

Bullistic Barriers has integrated bullet resistance and crash resistance with an exceptional level of craftsmanship — with impressive results.

  1. Two types of strong, secure fence tested to resist a 9mm, .357, .44, 30-30, AR15, AK47, 30-06, and shotgun blast.

  2. Achieved ASTM-2656 crash resistant ratings of M50 P1, equivalent to a truck with Gross Vehicle Weight of 15,000 lbs. moving at 50 mph. Its cargo bed penetrates less that 1 meter past the barrier.

  3. Provides assurance that if a mass attack were to take place, the fence would stop bullet penetration tested to UL752 standards

Our fence was designed with the specific intent of a “softer” skin for guns of lower caliber rating to minimize ricochet. However, our bullet-resistant core can still absorb the energy of the bullet and eliminate injury from gunfire for pre-tested caliber sizes.

Made from eco-friendly materials with high percentage of recycled content, our fence has a non-VOC, environmentally friendly finish that can withstand AAMA – 2604 criteria, and is engineered, designed and built in the U.S.

From panels to posts, to panel interconnections, everything has been considered and tested with outstanding results. There’s no other fence like it in the world — the bullet-resistant fence is a legitimate asset in target hardening and decreasing vulnerability to hate crimes and terrorist attacks.


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