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How Does Regular Maintenance Help Prevent Security Technology Failure?

A craftsman takes care of their tools in order to do good work; similarly, security systems take regular maintenance to be able to work properly. If regular maintenance is not arranged, equipment could fail at a crucial moment. For instance, a branch covering the view of a camera during an attempted theft. During installation of an Edgeworth integration, our experts will go over recommendations on an upkeep schedule. For clients who prefer to be more hands-off, however, Edgeworth also offers a few on-going maintenance services.

Tech Check is a service provided by Edgeworth where an agent conducts daily virtual inspections of the technology safeguarding a property. If our agents detect an issue with the system, a report is sent to the client informing them of the issue so that it may be fixed before it becomes a problem. Edgeworth also offers a service that will physically send a team of trained professionals to complete maintenance on the security system on a set schedule determined by the client.

Regular maintenance of the security technology ensures it is fit to be used before it is needed, and not after a security concern is discovered. Learn more about our Remote Guarding solution on our Remote Guarding webpage.


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