How the Rich and Famous Protect Their Homes

How Do Some Celebrities Really Protect Their Homes?

Such is part of the everyday lives of celebrities. Although their lives are on a greater level of display than the average individual’s, they still share the same basic needs that we do, such as security.

According to a 2019 home security survey, we found out that 38% of Americans currently have home security systems. And with the rise and prominence of smart home devices like smart locks, smart thermostats, smart lights, and more, it would come as no surprise to understand that even celebrities use smart technology, albeit in some cases to another degree, in order to help secure their homes. Here’s a few of our favorites

But, what about some of the more clever, a-typical home security solutions?

You’re already aware of bodyguards and bulletproof vehicles, so we take a closer look at some of the lesser known tactics and equipment that the rich and famous use to protect their homes.

5 Unusual (and Clever) Ways the Rich and Famous Protect Their Homes.

House with a moat

1. A Moat

Yep, it’s just like you think—a body of water surrounding a home.

Who are we to argue with a classic? Believe it or not, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s mansion features a moat, which admittedly, will surely deter would-be intruders better than a standard fence. (No word if filled with alligators or something like that).


2. A Panic Room

This might not be new to your ears, but a panic room is basically a secured chamber where anyone can stay put in the event of a security threat. Some chambers feature bullet-proof (and even bomb-proof) doors, access to a phone, access to security system footage, and food supplies. Some celebrities like George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have added a panic room to one of their homes.

Bodyguard at car

3. A Full-Time Security Team

Another way some celebrities protect their homes and families is by employing a full-time security team. The positive is that there’s always someone around-the-clock guarding their home, whether guards are at the entrance or in an undisclosed location in the home. Beyonce and Jay-Z go above a