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Improving the Safety of a site

Here are other ways Edgeworth Security can improve the safety of a site:


  • When it comes to serious crimes of such nature, criminals often take the time to research and loiter around businesses they plan on stealing from to increase their chances of not getting caught. With Remote Guarding set in place, Edgeworth Security would not allow these criminals the chance to gather intel; as soon as they were marked as exhibiting unusual behavior, our live agents would have issued a direct Voice Down command to leave the property immediately. This tagging and addressing of loitering behavior could have prevented the incidents in Oregon, Florida, and California.


  • Even where the robberies were opportunistic random events, Edgeworth Security could have changed the outcomes for those cases as well. Remote Guarding would have notified our monitoring center as soon as the criminals crossed over the beam of prohibited areas of the property. The monitoring center is also alerted when the system detects camera tampering or when power is cut to the system, allowing our agents to address the issue as soon as it happens. If Edgeworth had been partnered with the dispensary in Painesville, our agents would have called law enforcement immediately after the cameras were disconnected, and with our 99% apprehension rate, it is unlikely that the perpetrators would have escaped.


  • Another benefit to Remote Guarding’s presence on the property is the peace of mind it offers to the people that inhabit those spaces: customers, employees, and owners alike. With a decrease in loiterers, people will feel safer walking into the property than before. Reliable employees will be more willing to stay if they feel they aren’t working in dangerous conditions. If Edgeworth Security had been present at the crimes sites described above, the people who got hurt may not have been.

While the commercial cannabis industry faces challenges unlike any other industry, Edgeworth Security is prepared to confront and overcome any and every security challenge your property comes up against. Remote Guarding has been proven to stop crime even before it occurs, something that traditional security systems cannot claim, even those that meet cannabis state security requirements. Edgeworth Security not only meets those strict state security requirements, but exceeds them. Edgeworth Security offers a high tech security system unlike any other, and with it, unparalleled peace of mind.

Contact one of our experts to learn more about Edgeworth’s proactive, bespoke security solution.


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