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Silence in Panic

Silence in Panic

Spray Foam Magazine – Fall 2020 – Increasing violent attacks like home invasions or riots highlight the cruel reality of life in a dangerous world. The panic room is a secure and safe refuge from such dangers or other threats. The Spray Foam Magazine team discreetly investigated why spray foam insulation is a crucial material for safeguarding anyone who uses these rooms by speaking with Bill Rigdon, the ultimate expert in the global business of panic room construction.

Rigdon started his career building bunkers, and would often find himself advertising these bunkers by placing flyers on Mormon’s windshields. This was back in 1995 when many of the earnest Utah Mormons believed that “Blood Moon” on September 28, 1995 was going to be the end of the world. Technology started drastically changing in the 90s, going above grade, rather than below grade. The underground structures built for staying in during bad weather and the Cold War with its threat of atomic warfare, soon morphed into home protection.

These safe places, now known as panic rooms, had a slower start, but they have become extremely prevalent in today’s society. Bunkers of course may be useful, but what happens when an immediate threat strikes a person at home or in the workplace? There is no time to run to the bunker, so where do they hide?

Since the establishment of their father company in 1995, Building Consensus, Rigdon and his team have made it their mission to stay ahead of the needs of the ever-changing environment by offering to fulfill the potential concerns of their clients. Building Consensus is also recognized for providing expert knowledge and cutting-edge safe/panic rooms through their additional company

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