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Luxury Panic Rooms and Bunkers

These aren’t the end times, but the news of Covid-19’s continued spread does make one stop, think and ascertain what is really important and necessary. An in-home panic room can provide a great deal of comfort during a global pandemic–a sort of reassurance that, should worse ever really come to worst, you’ll have somewhere to feel completely secure and safe for a bit and wait it all out. Thankfully, there is Panic Room Builders who can retrofit your home with a secure space that’s hidden and cocoon you in ultimate security.

Also full-blown bunkers are another option. A luxurious, fallout-proof underground space with luxurious penthouses and suites, which can offer such amenities as its own bowling alley, theater and swimming pool.

Call Panic Room Builders Today to Fortify & Protect your Home or Business with a Bespoke Panic/Safe Room!

We have been designing and constructing Panic Rooms / Safe Rooms for the worlds elite for over 25 years!!

Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Dubai, Turkey, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Miami, New York  – International operations wherever you are based in the USA or the world



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