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Making Newsrooms safe from active shooters

Safe News Station


Large market newsroom worried about active shooter threat or an on-air studio attack.


The team initially met with the newsroom design team and owners rep to discuss the décor or threat worries. SWD provided solutions and alternates to the different designs, threat analysis suggestions, and overall concerns of the owner. These solutions were eventually incorporated into the for construction drawings and installed to protect the studio and executives from attackers.


The lobby and entryway were secured using a Bullet Resistant (BR) glass and poly wall, with an integrated reception desk clad in marble with the studio call sign engraved in it. A primary safety zone was established outside the desk to allow interaction between guests and security staff prior to entry into the secondary safety zone where more direct interaction between the security staff and guests could occur. A third barrier to the studios was established to protect the elevators and access doors to executive staff and the news studios.


Our products completed the contemplated design, and fully met the design, architectural, décor, and protective requirements sought by the project team. The result is 3 layer protective entryway and lobby system intended to stop, possibly trap, and preclude an attacker from gaining access to the remaining sensitive parts of the building.

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