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Man leads police on 17-mile chase after home invasion, multiple armed robberies in Atlanta

A man is accused of home invasion, armed robbery, and leading police on a chase through Cobb County.

Investigators said the suspect had a knife and police baton on him when he committed a string of crimes.

The driver, Gabriel Constantine, parks the car on the street. Minutes later, a work truck pulls out of a driveway and parks.

“He moved the guy’s truck from behind my car and tried to steal my car,” a neighbor who does not want to be identified said. “Got into my car and rummaged through it.”

Video shows Constantine approach her neighbor’s house after police said he broke into two cars.

After that happened police say the suspect stole someone’s pickup truck from another location.

Police said Constantine drove the stolen truck to this nearby neighborhood.

In the video, you can see him walk up someone’s driveway and go through their car.

Police said he didn’t stop there.

“He approached the house and tried to get in and I went running to lock the door,” the victim told Channel 2 Action News. “When I knocked on the window and asked him to please stop he pulled his jacket to show me the police baton.”

The video shows Constantine trying to get into the victim’s side door.

She said he tried to enter every other door while her family was inside.

“I’m thankful to God that nothing happened to my 17-year-old or my 3-year-old that day and my children,” she said.

Police said Constantine’s crime spree ended in a 17-mile high-speed chase and Channel 2 Action News was there when police stopped him.

Constantine is still in jail and is charged with nearly 10 felonies, including burglary, home invasion, and aggravated assault.


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