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Millionaire LA homeowners are spending $150,000 on 'executive protection dogs' to guard their homes

Millionaire LA homeowners are forking out six-figure sums for highly-trained guard dogs after being left terrified by a crime wave sweeping the city.

Top level dog protection trainers have revealed that the city's failure to clamp down on home invasions has led opulent residents to take matters into their own hands.

Despite charging in excess of $150,000 for their services, California trainers are inundated with requests for intimidating canines while LA crime runs amok.

It comes as LA has seen an 8 percent rise in violent crime under DA George Gascon, which has emboldened criminals and left homeowners terrified.

'What's the price that you would put for your family's security?' asked Ateom Bulgadarian, an LA resident who recently splashed the cash for his German shepherd Rocky.

An aerospace manufacturing executive, Bulgadarian has joined a growing list of well-off Californians choosing to pay massive sums for protection dogs.

He felt Rocky's $70,000 cost was a reasonable sum considering the alternative, as his Sherman Oaks home has a history of terrifying home invasions.

The property's former-owner, baseball star Yasiel Puig, saw $170,000 of luxury items stolen in 2018, leading Bulgadarian to fork out to protect his family home.

One LA local who has faced the area's burglary problem is rapper Drake, who's sprawling $75 million mansion was broken into last month.

As the crisis deepens, Beverley Hills' only gun store has seen business skyrocket as terrified residents stock up on firearms, alongside the region's wealthy occupants now paying top dollar for so-called 'executive protection dogs'.

'To be very blunt, our dogs that were born in 2022 are being sold at a price of $150,000,' revealed Montana trainer Kim Greene.

Her canine security business Svalinn produces just 18 fully-trained dogs each year, which she dubs a 'coveted product' when tasked with stopping criminals.

The post-pandemic crime wave has been good for business, as Greene said she charged $75,000 for a dog just four years ago - until urgent demand from the west coast elite allowed her to double her prices.

'We can't create the assets quickly enough,' she said.

The high price tags are well earned, however, as the canines are put through rigorous training programs to cater to individual, sometimes high-stress scenarios.

One particular crime is striking fear into the hearts of LA's mansion owners, as an updated version of a home invasion has now been dubbed 'follow-home robberies'.

After spotting their affluent victims in public such as in a ritzy restaurant, criminals have been known to follow them home before ransacking their properties


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