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My Bodyguard was almost shot!

One of the things my company does is executive protection work…

So, we provide bodyguards to celebrities, politicians, musicians, etc.

Not too long ago, there was a concert in Chicago and we were hired to provide protection for one of the musicians performing at the venue.

Once the concert was over, one of my guys was waiting around the tour bus area.

Suddenly, he saw a fight break out between two guys.

Before he knew it, they both pulled out guns and started shooting at one another…

And then they ran away.

My guy said one of the rounds only missed him by a few feet.

Multiple people called 911 and the police eventually showed up.

As they were talking to our bodyguard, here’s what the police said in a nutshell…

“Nobody was shot right? And nobody is bleeding or injured?

Then we’re not going to do anything. If we find the shooters and arrest them, they’ll just be back on the streets in hours.

Prosecutors here don’t prosecute anything, so it’s a waste of our time to arrest these guys.”

Pretty unbelievable, right?

It’s like politicians in these cities say, “We’re not going to prosecute you, do whatever you want, just remember to vote for me.”

And folks wonder why people are fleeing places like Chicago and Portland to states like Florida and Texas.

We certainly live in interesting times, for lack of a better word.

And this is the reason why my bodyguards are so busy these days because people know that many big cities are a cesspool of violence and that criminals can get away with murder.

Be careful if you live in a big city…

Plan your escape to a different place…

And at least look into building a safe room location in your home or office.


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