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New York family of 4 ambushed and robbed in their own driveway

SADDLE ROCK, N.Y. -- A mother and father and their two young children had weapons pointed at them during a terrifying driveway robbery on Saturday morning.

The Long Island family was traumatized but unhurt.

Police told CBS2's Jennifer McLogan on Monday that the Nassau County victims were followed home and ambushed as they got out of their car.

It all happened at their Whitman Road house in the village of Saddle Rock on the Great Neck Peninsula.

"Person comes right behind the husband and with a knife and while the wife was getting kids out, somebody else comes up from behind with a gun," neighbor Joseph Misaghi said.

Witnesses said the parents, ages 41 and 35, and their 12- and 7-year-old children were traumatized.

"For a child who's 7 or 12? It's devastating," one woman said.

"We're all taking extra precautions," a man said.

Police said the family complied with the two armed suspects, who ripped Gucci watches and iPhones from the couple.

"They are traumatized. The children are traumatized," Saddle Rock Mayor Dan Levy said. "Short of fortifying the village, and that may be the next step that I will have to fight for ... to get permission from Albany."

The mayor said he has added roving patrols. Some residents want the village to consider more lights and even security gates.

"Every house has kids, they're young kids. I really hope they're going to catch them," homeowner Leslie Kalfa said.

Several crimes in North Shore communities are being linked to suspects following victims home from restaurants or family gatherings, police said.

"Even though this pattern has been established, it's still a very rare event. But you want to make sure your house looks lived in," Brookville Police Chief Kenneth Lack said. "If you are the victim of a robbery and you are out of your car and in your driveway, certainly give your property to them right away. Nothing is worth your life over."

In this latest case, the hunt is on for two armed suspects dressed in black and gray ski masks. Police said they escaped in a white BMW with a black convertible top with New York license plate KLW 9605.

Numerous cameras and license plate readers hover around the village.


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