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Oakland police warn of uptick in home invasion robberies in several neighborhoods

Police in Oakland are warning residents in several neighborhoods to take additional precautions following an uptick in home invasion robberies.

The department said in a statement Wednesday that the robberies are on the rise in certain parts of the city, including the Laurel, North Hills, Joaquin Miller and greater San Antonio neighborhoods.

"In recent cases, armed individuals forcibly entered the residences by kicking in doors, threatening the victims, and taking the victim's personal belongings before fleeing the residence," police said.

Police did not give additional details about the robberies.

Officers offered several tips, including reinforcing doors with a security bar or door brace, installing a security system and trimming hedges around entry points to eliminate potential hiding spots. Residents are also urged to not open doors to strangers without verifying their identity, creating an emergency plan to include a safe meeting point, and to join a neighborhood watch.

Anyone who may have been victimized in a recent home invasion or who may have information is asked to call the department at 510-238-3326.


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