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Physical Security Exposures for Data Centers

  1. Many Data Centers are dependent on domestic water. Any disruption to that water supply could create an outage.

  2. Due to the weight required (150 lbs. sq. ft.) to support the Data Center, many are built on the ground floor. These Data Centers could have the perimeter walls penetrated through vandalism or by an automobile.

  3. Electrical switchgear mounted on the exterior of buildings can be tampered with and cause a power outage to the Data Center.

  4. Standby Generator supporting the Data Center are typically located outside are subject to vandalism. They could be turned off or have their fuel supply contaminated.

  5. The Cooling System is critical to Data Center operations. Any sites with the heat rejection equipment (Condensers, Cooling Towers, Chillers) located on grade could be tampered with and any loss of these systems could result in an outage.

  6. Internet Service Providers (ISP) are critical to all Data Centers. These fiber or high speed copper lines route through underground piping systems that are accessible through manholes. Should someone want to create a disruption, these cables could be cut or damaged either deliberately or through an accident while performing underground construction.

  7. Visitors or any unauthorized persons could shut down the Data Center by pushing an Emergency Power Off button located at the Data Center exits.

  8. Visitors or any unauthorized person could shut down the Data Center by pulling a discharge station for the Gaseous Fire Suppression System located at the Data Center exits.


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