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Resident beaten by 3 armed, masked men in violent home invasion at downtown Orlando high-rise

Police are investigating a violent home invasion at a luxury high-rise in downtown Orlando.

They said this happened on Church Street at the 55 West Apartments.

According to police, someone called 911 saying three masked men carrying guns broke into their apartment. The victim told police he was beaten and claimed the men stole some items before leaving.

People who live in the building told FOX 35 that the building has always been a safe place with tight security. "I’m shocked, because we have had no issues here," resident Shelly Mears said. "The building’s always been secure. There’s always someone in the lobby." "It’s shocking, because they’re pretty good with the security as far as everything," another resident said. "You can’t really get in without speaking with the front desk as far as I know." Police said this is an ongoing investigation.


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