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Searches for homes with Bunkers & Panic Rooms has gone up 300% in 2020

Survey from claims citizens want a hideout plan in case civil unrest escalates…

Bunkers have been on the rise due to social unrest and the presidential election, according to a report from online real estate resource and marketplace

In a survey of 2,183 buyers, the website found that searches for “homes with bunkers” appears to have gone up 300% in the last six months.

The top nine states where homebuyers are looking into bunkers, safe rooms or panic rooms are Florida, Arizona, Nevada, California, Ohio, Texas, Idaho, Washington and Minnesota.

Overall, 64% of the survey’s respondents said they would buy a house with a safe room while 49% admitted they want a home with a safe room because they are afraid of a potential civil war. Another 47% specified that they felt there is civil unrest in the U.S. and cited recent protests as a reason why they’re looking into bunker-like home amenities.

Others cited the upcoming 2020 election as their reason for wanting a fortified place to live with 70% indicating they are worried about a second Donald Trump presidency and 30% indicating they are worried about a Joe Biden presidency.

Americans are reportedly searching for “fortified basements, panic rooms or bunkers within the grounds of their house,” says founder Kris Lippi. (iStock)

“This year has taken its toll on a lot of people – a global pandemic, riots and protests; the election – it’s no wonder Americans want to feel safer in their own homes,” wrote founder Kris Lippi.

“Every year 31 million Americans move [between houses], that’s 9.8% of the population,” he added. “If this trend continues, sellers may want to consider investing in adding a bunker or panic room to help get their house off the market faster or above asking price – there’s clearly more demand for the feature than ever before!”

Florida and Arizona were two markets where homebuyers were most worried and showed interest in built-in bunkers or safe rooms, according to the survey’s findings.

The Sunshine State had the highest number of wary residents with 30% of Floridians stating they wouldn’t move into a home that lacked a “safety survival spot.”


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