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Thief charged in Norwalk home invasions threatened to kill resident if he went to cops

One of the men accused of two home invasions and a burglary at the same address knew the victim and tried to stop him from talking to police, according to his arrest warrant.

Norwalk Police Sgt. Sofia Gulino said Joseph de Jesus Tiburcio-Nunez, 18, was arrested last Wednesday in connection with a series of break-ins at an apartment on Lexington Avenue. Aneudy Martinez, 22, was also arrested and charged in one of the incidents.

According to Tiburcio-Nunez's arrest warrant, a basement apartment on Lexington Avenue had been burglarized on May 22. A few days later, the warrant said police identified Tiburcio-Nunez as a suspect.

Court documents show the victim told police he and his cousin were hanging out on May 24 when Tiburcio-Nunez showed up at his apartment with an unidentified man without being invited. He told officers the man he did not know pointed a handgun at them, adding it appeared Tiburcio-Nunez also had a handgun in his waistband, the warrant stated.

The victim told police Tiburcio-Nunez began to threaten him and ask him why he reported the May 22 burglary to police, the warrant stated. The victim said Tiburcio-Nunez took his jacket and stole $2,000 from his cousin during the burglary, according to the warrant.

Tiburcio-Nunez told the victim they could be friends again if he promised not to call the police, according to the warrant.

The warrant said the victim gave police a photo of Tiburcio-Nunez and provided officers with his phone number. Police said they were unable to reach Tiburcio-Nunez by phone or at his Ely Avenue home.

On July 8, a third incident at the Lexington Avenue apartment was reported by the victim's cousin, the warrant stated. According to the warrant, the cousin told officers that two men with their faces covered entered his apartment while he was sleeping, woke him up and demanded money at gunpoint.

When he refused, one of the men pistol-whipped him on the top of the head, the warrant stated. He told police he gave his wallet containing $1,500 in cash to the man with the gun, the warrant stated.

Police said the hoodie covering one of the men's faces fell down and the victim identified him as the same person who robbed him in May. He told officers the men searched his room and told him if anyone found out about the incident, they would come back and kill him, the warrant stated.

The men then ordered him at gunpoint to bring them to his cousin's room, the warrant stated, but they left when he didn't answer the door.

The man and his cousin identified Tiburcio-Nunez as the person who robbed them, according to the warrant.


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