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Thieves have stolen $65M worth of Jewelry from Formula 1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone

Thieves have reportedly stolen £50m ($65M) worth of jewelry from the Kensington home of Tamara Ecclestone. The daughter of ex Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was left “shaken and angry” after the burglary on Friday.

According to The Sun Newspaper, rings, earrings and a Cartier bangle worth £80k ($105k) which was given to the heiress as a wedding present, were all taken in the raid.

The family had jetted off for Lapland just hours before three raiders are believed to have broken into the £70 million, 57-room mansion and fled with the gems.

The gang evaded both the 24-hour security teams that patrol the street in Kensington, west London, known as “Billionaire Row” and Tamara’s own internal security operations.

Although circumstances surrounding the raid remain unclear, Tamara’s dad, former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone,  has claimed it was an inside job, “given all the security at the house”.

Security professionals have suggested that the Instagram Photo of Ms Ecclestone’s daughter boarding a private jet just hours before  – combined with the 2017 ITV documentary showing viewers inside her Exclusive London Mansion, could have helped thieves to swipe the gems.

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