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Thieves take £1 million of jewellery in Brazen burglary at London Mansion

An unknown number of suspects broke into the property in Hampstead Lane in Haringey London at about 5pm on a Thursday afternoon, while a woman in her 30s and her children were inside, police said.

The burglars escaped from a window on the first floor with various items including “distinctive and rare” jewellery, designer clothing and a large amount of cash:

To be burgled is an horrific experience in and of itself, but to be in the home when it’s taking place with your children as well is just terrifying!  Our homes should be a safe haven from the world but unfortunately criminals are out to get what they want and its usually planned way in advance!

Our number 1 goal is to keep families safe in the unfortunate event of a Break-in Home Invasion!!

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