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Top security options for high-end luxury homes

Your home is your castle, and it makes sense that you would want to do everything you can to keep your luxury investment secure. When you live a busy lifestyle and enjoy traveling the globe, you need peace of mind that your home and its contents will be just as you left them when you return. Fortunately, technology has led to innovations in home security.

High-tech security camera systems

Residential security camera systems have come a long way, and are a must for anyone who is serious about keeping their home safe. A luxury, spacious dwelling will need something more advanced to ensure all the bases are covered.

With a system like this, you will be getting quality imagery which will make any intruders much easier to identify. This information can be shared with police, which could aid in a conviction. In addition, your cameras will come equipped with digital zoom, which is ideal for those larger properties, even when zoomed in, you won’t be sacrificing image clarity. Setting up a security camera system that can offer optimal surveillance for your property is the first step in protecting your home. Intruders will often try their luck at night, but most brands have that covered. Night vision surveillance footage can be viewed in full color, rather than grainy black and white.

More spacious dwellings will benefit from the use of high-tech security cameras.

Monitoring on the go

Advanced security camera systems can be accessed from anywhere, and technology now allows you to check in on your home no matter where you are in the world. Use your smartphone or laptop to receive alerts and monitor any unusual activity in real time.

Having this information readily available will allow you to take action as necessary. You can even check to see if that parcel you have been waiting for is sitting on your front doorstep.

Alarms and sensors

Motion sensors will keep the valuables inside your home more secure. These alarm systems can now be wireless, which is more difficult for intruders to disable as there are no wires to cut. Set this to alert a security company, or your local police station so any situation can be investigated in a timely manner.

Don’t forget to choose an alarm which will sound loudly, and make security signs and cameras visible to any potential intruders. This can act as a deterrent, and preventing a crime from occurring is always the best outcome.

Keeping your luxury home safe will require a well-rounded approach. This means setting up a sophisticated home security system with advanced features, including color night vision, high-resolution imagery and digital zoom. Monitor activity from anywhere in the world with real-time surveillance straight to your smartphone. Combine this with sensors and alarms and you will be well on your way to keeping your home and contents secure.


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