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Vancouver mansion listed for $22 million comes with panic rooms to escape disasters

A Vancouver mansion currently on the market could be a wealthy prepper’s best bet against doomsday. The 2606 Southwest Marine Drive property comes with panic rooms meant to withstand emergencies.

“Every floor has a safe room to escape disasters,” says the listing for the two-storey-plus-basement residence.

Thanks to the 2002 movie Panic Room by Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart, many have an idea of what a safe room is.

It’s a hardened structure built within the house, where occupants can take refuge from a range of threats.

These include natural disasters, and home invasions.

Online,, a maker serving Southern Ontario, explains what this security feature involves.

“Imagine having a FORTIFIED room inside your home, where you and your family can safely hide during a home invasion or other perilous threat and call the police for HELP,” the site notes.

“In addition to offering personal protection, your safe room can be used as a Walk-In-Vault for securing weapons, jewelry, cash or other valuable household and business belongings.”

The listing for 2606 Southwest Marine Drive carries a steep price. The seller wants $22 million.

In addition to safety, the 10,177-square-foot manor also boasts of many luxury features.

“The main floor features a grand foyer and a concert hall in the front, leading to a huge entertaining living area with fabulous views,” the listing stated, referring to vistas to the Fraser River.

Built in 2018, the house also includes an elevator. The property has a 2022 assessment of $13,132,000. "Basement has theatre, gym, sauna, wine cellar, bar, library, shooting gallery, and a huge bedroom,” the listing stated. It wasn’t immediately known what “shooting gallery” is found in the mansion. The Straight has sent a request for more information from the listing agent. Meanwhile, here’s a look at the $22 million residence listed by Sutton Group-West Coast Realty.


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